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For: Virtually anyone who works from an office, including accountants, consultants, lawyers, realtors and many others. Anyone needing access to the Internet and non-LAN databases, auto-dial with computer software, or send/receive e-mail and faxes, all in a digital telephone environment.

Konference buy
With the Konference you can now connect your teleconferencing unit directly to your office digital PBX, or multi-line phone system, eliminating the need for expensive dedicated phone lines or PBX adapters. The compact Konference is compatible with virtually all analog teleconferencing units and can be easily switched to assure reliable operation with most domestic and international phone systems.
Office Konnector buy
Full analog connectivity over digital phones in the office environment for equipment such as computer modems. This handset-interface unit is compatible with virtually all digital phone systems and modems.

The Konexx Office Konnector is not a product that provides a solution for connection of analog data devices (modems, faxes, etc.) to "digital" phone service in a home or SOHO environment provided most cable service companies (i.e. Comcast, Time Warner, AT&T, etc.)... read more...
DWI Single Channel buy
Connect analog devices (modems, faxes, cordless phones, etc.) to digital phone lines and even use auto-dial features of contact management software like GoldMine and ACT! Models for use with Nortel, Lucent (AT&T) and Siemens Rolm phone systems. These direct wall-jack interface products require no switch settings or programming and even provide incoming analog ring signals.
DWI Dual Channel buy
DWI Dual Channel products allow simultaneous voice and data communication over a single PBX or key system port. Carry on telephone conversations while sending and receiving e-mail and faxes, or even surfing the Web. Increases the station capacity of your AT&T/Lucent, Nortel PBX or Norstar Key system.
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