Voice Recording
Voice recording solutions for Call Centers, Law Enforcement or individual users that need digital recording capability at their desk.
Mobile Connectivity
For modem connectivity from pay phones, customer offices, hotels or any field location as well as your own office. These Konexx products keep you connected wherever you may be.
Office Connectivity
Full digital connectivity for cordless phones, fax machines, conference phones, or practically any other analog device. Get the performance of dedicated analog lines without costly installation and maintenance.
Konexx Releases USB Phone2PC 4.6
Konexx releases the 5th version of its leading voice recording product. USB Phone2PC 4.6's friendly new user interface and additional features will improve your workflow and make it easier for you to manage a high volume of file recording.
Konexx New Location
Konexx is excited to announce that as of June 01, 2017, Konexx will be operating from our facility located at:
9235 Activity Road, Suite 108
San Diego, CA 92126

December 2016
Konexx releases version update to USB Phone2PC software.
Contact Konexx Support (support@konexx.com) for information on obtaining this latest release software.
USB Phone2PC Law Enforcement helps sheriff's department catch the bad guys
For years, detectives with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department have had to make do with standard recording devices when taping statements...