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USB Phone 2 PC - Basic w/Transcription

Access Information Quickly and Accurately. Throw Away Your Cassette Tapes. Transcribe Directly From a .WAV File.

The KONEXX USB Phone 2 PC - Basic with Transcription is the ultimate low cost on demand recording and transcription solution. Record telephone conversations digitally to your PC or notebook. File the recordings for later retrieval and playback. Transcribing the recordings or generating reports based on the recordings is easy and efficient with the easy to use 3 Key Foot Pedal.
USB Phone 2 PC hardware and software easily installs on an individual PC or notebook.
Recorded files may be stored on the local hard drive or a network server.
USB Phone 2 PC Interface connects your telephone with your computer enabling you to record telephone conversations as compressed wav files.
Saved files can be emailed as attachments, and archived for future reference.
No external power source needed. USB Phone 2 PC gets its power from the USB port.
Easily switch from recording phone conversation to recording from the supplied external microphone.
Auto file naming feature allows you to save files with prefixes and/or date/time as the file name automatically.
Includes an external microphone for easy dictation, meetings and interview recording.
Enables audio files to be played through the telephone set.
Great organizational tool that saves your conversations in folders and directories on your PC just like your Word and Excel files.
Control the playback functions (Play, FF, Rewind and Pause) using the supplied 3 key foot pedal leaving your hands free to type while transcribing the recordings.
Free to distribute Konexx Transcription Player - media player. Play functions are controllable by the foot pedal. Included so the USB Phone 2 PC recording interface can be used by someone other than the transcriber to dictate, record meetings, interviews or phone conversations, the transcriber can transcribe the recordings using the Konexx Transcription Player.
Easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI).
No computer sound card needed. The USB Phone 2 PC interface is the sound card.
Technical Specifications
Phone 2 PC software uses GSM 6.10 compression algorithms to keep file sizes manageable (1 hour of recording time = Approx. 5.6MB).
Compatible with any Microsoft Windows 98SE, Millennium, 2000 or XP Operating Systems.
Easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI).
Phone 2 PC Interface installs easily to the office telephone (analog or digital phones) and your computer USB port.
Automatic Recording Level (ARL) ensures conversation is recorded clearly.
Powered by computer's USB. port
Foot Pedal interfaces to computer's PS2 port (connects between the keyboard and the computer on PCs).
Phone 2 PC Interface size: 3.0(L) x 1.3(W) x 1.0(H) inches. Weight: 1.5 ounces.
Installation Diagram
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