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Telephone Call Recording Solutions

Konexx offers affordable recording products that enable you to easily record and save your telephone conversations. We offer solutions for call centers, or individual users that need recording capability at their desk. Each Konexx solution includes the Phone 2 PC interface, connecting your telephone to your computer, along with the recording software. Phone 2 PC Solutions easily install on an individual PC, or notebook computer.

The USB Phone 2 PC products eliminate the need for a computer sound card and an external power source. The USB Phone 2 PC interface contains the sound card and draws power from the computer's USB port, making it an ideal product for the mobile computer user. The USB Phone 2 PC products provide numerous additional features including the ability to record meetings and interviews.
Please note that the USB Phone 2 PC products require Microsoft Windows 2000 or later release Operating System and an available USB port.

USB Phone 2 PC Basic buy
Save recorded telephone conversations as .WAV files! The Phone 2 PC Basic utilizes Konexx's patented Phone 2 PC Interface and recording software to translate your voice calls into compressed files that can be e-mailed, or archived for future reference. Features include playback, fast-forward, rewind, e-mail, and automatic file naming. Supplied with an external microphone for recording dictation, meetings or interviews. No computer sound card required.
USB Phone 2 PC Advanced buy
Includes all of the features of the USB Phone 2 PC Basic along with these additional capabilities: 1) Voice Activation 2) Insert Bookmarks 3) Add Annotation 4) Voice Manager 5) Edit and E-mail directly from our software. Does not require a computer sound card, the USB Phone 2 PC interface is the sound card.
USB Phone 2 PC Call Center buy
Low cost call center recording solution! Call Center recording and monitoring systems help you train agents, and improve customer service. Record telephone conversations digitally on a PC and file the recording on your network for later retrieval and playback. Does not require a computer sound card, the USB Phone 2 PC interface is the sound card.
USB Phone 2 PC Law Enforcement
Only Available to Law Enforcement Agencies
Save your telephone and field interviews directly to your PC or notebook computer. Immediately e-mail the conversation to the DA for review. Eliminate the need for bulky cassette tapes. File your conversations in folders, or directories on your hard drive, for instant access in the field, office, or courtroom. Ideal for recording dictation, meetings and interviews. No sound card required the USB Phone 2 PC interface is a sound card.
USB Phone 2 PC Basic w/Transcription buy
The ultimate low cost on demand recording and transcription solution. Combine the power of the USB Phone 2 PC Basic with an easy to install, easy to use 3 Key Foot Pedal. The foot pedal allows the control of play, pause, rewind and fastforward functions facilitating transcribing of the recorded conversations.
USB Phone 2 PC Secure buy
Ideal for Healthcare, Insurance, Private Investigation or Financial institutions. Healthcare providers can save conversations with health care reimbursement providers directly to the PC or Network hard drive. Insurance companies can use it for Claims Investigation, Fraud Investigation or Customer Care. Private Investigators can use it to capture incriminating evidence during phone conversations. Financial Institutions can use it to record Wire Transfer Authorizations over the phone or confirm any phone transaction. Add bookmarks for important points. Have a physical record that can be played back or emailed, for conflict resolution. A best practice method for eliminating he said she said and most importantly a great tool for assisting in timely payment collections.
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